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After graduating from Washington State University, I began my career in the construction trade as an outside salesman for a truss manufacturer back in 1992. My job description included roof layout, truss estimating, truss design, job site visitations and consulting. I soon discovered that many of the project plans were of poor quality and ended up costing the homebuilder more money and time in fix-it costs. I was convinced I could produce a better product.

I spent two years learning AutoCAD and becoming proficient in its application but I felt I needed more construction material knowledge so I changed jobs to work in contractor sales in a local lumber yard. For the next three years I sold and purchased doors, windows, lumber, hardware, etc for the professional builders as well as the do-it-yourselfers.
I opened my residential drafting business, Libolt Residential Drafting Inc, in 2004. Since opening my business it’s been a delight to draft more than 2500 projects. Much of what I do is transferred to my clients online. The internet has allowed me to work with many customers online, some of these customers I have never met. My experience in residential construction is a great asset to any project. My strong background (particularly in roof design) has allowed me to understand how to design and build projects.

I am proficient in AutoCAD 2024, and I can transmit your projects in .plt, .pdf or .dwg formats. I can also digitize paper plans in order to clean them up, produce reverse images or just to preserve them. I look forward to being able to take your ideas and make them reality.

Give me a call at (360) 393-1000 and lets get started today.

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